About Stargaze bulls

Join us and be part of the first stampede that will get special alpha

Wise Bulls Collection

Before there even was a beginning, there was The One Bull, spreading his bullness all over the cosmos. Nothing was evil back then, because nothing was good either. Actually, nothing was anything at all because nothing existed. Until The One Bull let out a powerful bellow and creation sprawled forth from his nostrils.

Many wonderful things were created then. Actually, all of them. Aeroplanes and pizzas and love and music and lazy mornings and the blockchain and NFTs. But all these incredible things needed watching over, to protect them from all the evil out there that came to be, because there can’t be good without evil. So The One Bull created the Wise Bulls.

Protectors of the cosmos, Wise Bulls were held as gods by many cultures and are a diverse collection of spiritual beings incarnated as 1800 NFTs with 143 traits. As it was foretold long ago, they’re arriving to Territori, part of the Cosmos network, where blockchains converge.

Rejoice! The Wise Bulls are coming to help build a community where evil has no place. Do you hear them stomping?

Stargaze Bulls Collection

A cloud of dust looms over the horizon. A stampede is coming to Stargaze. 3333 bulls have broken free from the Bull Dimension and are coming to our plane of existence to take their place in NFT stardom.
The Bull Dimension was a dull place. There was no fun to be had, and most bulls just spent their time grazing and scaring flies away. There was a way out, a doorway into other dimensions, but old bulls would say: “there’s nothing on the other side, it’s better to stay here where it’s nice and quiet”.
“What a load of bull”, said a young bull one day. “I bet there’s all kinds of crazy universes out there. There might even be one where we are stars”. And so, he and all the coolest bulls of the Bull Dimension crossed the doorway into the multiverse and visited all the hippest planes of existence, surfing multiversal blockchains, acquiring vast knowledge, a lot of alphas and killer looks.
Now, they’ve found the gateway to our universe. The ground is trembling. Get ready… the bulls are here!







Experienced product manager in worldwide IT companies, art and technology lover. Farmer.


An intense and passionate entrepreneur, always looking for new challenges and willing to give everything for the success of the team.


Experienced community manager in worldwide crypto projects, crypto enthusiast, NFT lover.

Frequently Asked Questions

29th Sept 1900 UTC. The mint will be on STARGAZE

8$ Whitelist and 10$ Public. Both will be in $STARS

3333 NFTs will be minted in 2 phases (Whitelist and Public)

Whitelist stage: 4 per wallet
Public stage: 15 per wallet

By being active on discord or giveaways on Twitter and Discord

400 will be airdropped to pay development costs. 666 will be available on WL stage and the remain NFTs will be for public stage.

We are working on this, we will announce how to be eligible for them.